your journal must explain something “new” about this program, such as a newly published analysis, news report, etc that is related to this old program.

We define “reputable print media outlets” as media outlets usually with national circulation or influence. NY Times, Washington Post, Wall street Journal, USA Today, LA Times can be good examples. We do not consider magazine articles. We do not consider blog postings, even when they are published on a newspaper website.

Specifically, you are expected to discuss in your response paper the following:

1)      What are the major ethical principles available to a media professional? Please use one or two sentences to briefly explain each of them.

2)      Summary of the story

-describe the facts covered and background introduced;

-describe how the coverage has been balanced;

-describe any quotes, use of words, or otherwise interesting to reflect a unique tone distinctive to the story.

3)      Identify the ethical principle that you will use in writing up this story if you were the journalist;

Adapt the perspective into the story and offer your critique on how the story has been validly written or can be otherwise improved.

Offer your suggestion and be specific about

-whether the story should increase/decreased or maintain facts covered;

-whether any use of words you mentioned in the story summary can be reworded or rearticulated.

4)      Use the same ethical principle to articulate one or two considerations a responsible individual should bear in mind as a media content provider.

Journal needs to be 900-1,200 words, typed, with one-inch margin, Time New Roman font 12. Journal will be collected on-line through CANVAS assignment link.

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