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I guess I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to some of the formatting that goes along with APA. I felt had it covered to an extent. One of the citation rules that I learned about in the lesson and in my paper was the rule that referenced having multiple authors in it. The portion of this that I have been enlightened about is the portion pertaining to how they are cited in an in-text citation. See as I have mentioned in previous forums I have been a big fan of citation generators like Citation Machine ("Citation Machine: Format & Generate Citations – APA, MLA, & Chicago", 2000-2020). Does this make me lazy? Yeah probably, but it was in good faith that the resources were correct. I use a calculator when the math exceeds my fingers. I felt this was the same way. So back to the citations, when you have two authors you put both the last names in alphabetical order. Things change when you have more than that though. If I had to guess why is because having multiple names takes up so much space on one paper. To fix this issue you simply put the first author’s last name followed by (et al.,). 

Something I learned from my own paper that I will address also it to make sure you check the font size on your page numbers. This is something that I took for granted. I thought I had set my font and size at the beginning of my paper but I was wrong. Since APA requires the use of size 12 font, double check it along with what font you select. Out of instinct I always use New Times Roman. I use it for everything I write from emails to whatever, it is a clean font and it is easily legible.


Citation Machine: Format & Generate Citations – APA, MLA, & Chicago. (n.d.). Retrieved June 11, 2020, from


This week has been rough for me because I am having a hard time staying on topic. However, after reading the lesson I learned that I was citing and completing in-text citations wrong. I did not know that paraphrasing was the best way to go when putting it in the essay. I struggled with that. I did not know that when using a quote it must be 40 words or less and double spaced. What I believe we should all pay attention to is when citing more than one author I did not know the proper way to go about doing so but after reading the lesson this week I have a better understanding.

It is important to have someone else proofread your work is because they will catch the mistakes that you have made, especially reading it out loud it will sound different from someone else's point of view. A pair of fresh will catch what you do not. Proofreading your work can help you to make sure that you are submitting the best work possible. 

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