CMGT 557 DQ Wk 6


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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

You have recently been hired by a progressive tech firm, and they want you to start a new department for exploring emerging technologies in the industry.

Explain how you would define the needed skill set to hire three analysts for this department. What would your process be for researching and evaluating emerging technologies? Why would you use this process?

In your responses to your peers, address any thoughts you have on other suggested processes for researching and evaluating emerging technology.

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses.


Hiring employees with the required skillset and knowledge is key to the success of the employee and the organization hiring them. In order to determine the necessary skillset of the three analysts I would look at a few things. The first thing to consider is if all three analysts will be doing the same job or will the job descriptions vary. The job the individuals will be performing on a daily bases will impact the skills they need. The first thing to consider is the level of education requirement. A few other required skills include previous work experience, knowledge of current systems, multi-task, problem solving, communication, reliable, self-motivated and organized.

In order to pick the best emerging technology for the organization. The new analyst will use a few methods such as researching and comparing the pros/cons and capabilities of various emerging technologies. Second the team will compare their findings with the business requirements. The last step will be writing proposals or summaries to be presented to management for approval. That way management or stakeholders have the information or data to make well informed business decisions. 


Hello Professor and class, I would define the needed skill sets for hiring three new IT specialists in three different categories such as attention to detail, ability to communicate well, ability to diagnose a problem right away, and ability to quickly analyze and come up with a solution quickly. Moreover, my process for researching and evaluating emerging technologies is first having my IT specialists conduct a background research on an emerging technology. The background research would consist of finding out the major positive impact of the emerging technology. For example, if the emerging technology would yield major positive advantage such as an increase in streamlining all the company processes with increased efficiency of fifty percent then it is a good idea for our company to first try it out. Moreover, if the research conducted convinced us that it would be very beneficial then we would go ahead and make a small purchase for it to test it out. The reason we want to test it out is because we want to examine how we would fully integrate it by examining full compatibility with all our current system because if is it not compatible, we might end up spending more to fully integrate it. The reason I use this kind of process is because I want to be care with the decisions I make for my company because it would be costly if I make the wrong decision.

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