CLC: Phase 1-Proposing, Evaluating, and Selecting an Innovation



We are using the SNIFF and our product is the flying taxi. Each of us will evaluate the product using one piece of the SNIFF model.

Strategy – Chandra

Need – Annie

Impact – Nyla

Feasibility – Bryan

Feel – David

  • Your submission needs to be 300-350 words. Please put it in GCU format. Include at least one in-text citation and the reference in GCU format.
  • Read #2 of the CLC assignment for guidance. Describe what your part of SNIFF is for and then apply that standard to the flying taxi and describe your results.
  • I will write the summary of ideas noted in #1 of the CLC assignment based on what everyone already submitted.
  • I will look ahead to week six and derive a plan for the next part of the CLC in week six. See item #3 below.
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