Children's Book & Speech Reflection



Children's Book & Speech Reflection

Yes, of course, in this class, we talk about serious things. But public speaking can be fun, too! One of the best ways to learn/develop a speaking style is to step away from more loaded topics and explore the simple yet important roots of speech delivery. That's what you'll do in this assignment. 

This week’s discussion forum has three parts:

  1. Find/select a children's book (e.g., Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss). If you don't have access to one, visit a library or find one online. Read through the book several times to become familiar with it.
  2. THEN--record yourself in a video in which you PERFORM it using the principles of speech found in this week's chapters. While you can have the book in front of you, you'll need to be familiar enough to express eye contact throughout. Be sure to use the principles of delivery found in the textbook (movement, gestures, vocal variety, etc.). Do NOT give a manuscript/read delivery--think of this as reader's theater. Make it interesting! We want to be captivated by you!
  3. Finally, once you’ve finished reading the book, reflect on your upcoming speech. You know that next week is your first major speech. You’ve been preparing and now you’ve put into practice some of the tried-and-true mechanisms of audience engagement (the purpose of reading this children’s story aloud). What anxieties do you have about next week? Anything you are particularly nervous or uncertain about? Reflect on the work you’re doing for your informative speech next week.
  4. Along with your linked video, provide a short written post (75-150 words) that introduces the story you selected, what you think you did the best at, and what you think needs improvement.

In your follow up posts, you will view at least two other posts by your classmates. Your responses should clearly reflect that you have viewed your peers entire recording. Comment on their performance AND their concerns about the upcoming speech. Offer them support, strategies, encouragement, and advice. Address the following in your replies:

  • Their level of comfort (Did they seem comfortable in front of the camera? If not, what could they do to improve?)
  • Their positioning (Could you see them from the waist up? Were they fully in the camera? Was the camera positioned appropriately? Was the background clean, professional, and clear of distractions?)
  • Their vocalics (Were they loud enough? Did they annunciate their words? Did they talk too fast or slow? Did they seem passionate about the material?)
  • Their nonverbals (Did they support what was being said with gestures? Did gestures make sense or were they distracting?
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      1. Find/select a children's book (e.g.,Green Eggs and Hamby Dr. Seuss). If you don't have access to one, visit a library or find one online.Read through the book several …