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Children, Adolescents, and Death

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Sudden unexpected deaths pose unique challenges to the psychological and emotional equilibrium of children and adolescents. The impact of the sudden death of a close family member or classmates is not always evident in the immediate aftermath; however, grieving can be unleashed months or years after the loss.

Loss of loved ones through car accidents, fires, terrorist acts or through natural disasters, or violent acts in school environments can trigger intense trauma for a young person who reflects (has invasive thoughts) on both the loss and circumstances of the incident.

Your readings present an overview of children’s and adolescents’ losses and some coping mechanisms that are practiced. To make this assignment even more relevant for the class, your task is to report on an accident, suicide, homicide, or incident that you know of personally or one highlighted in the media that resulted in lost lives of children’s friends, classmates, family members, or neighbors. Include in your discussion how children and adolescents have been or may be affected by losing loved ones or school classmates. How might that trauma continue as a grief process? Are we prepared to put interventions in place to serve children and adolescents if more such incidents occur?

Although grief does subside over time, what can we expect about those young individuals affected by such traumatic incidents, and what can we do toward the healing process, depending on the children’s age and/or loss? In your discussion, give as many specifics as you can, how learned of a situation/loss, and how children and adolescents were affected. Be sure to interact.

This topic is worth 3 points for a well developed paragraph. 

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