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Respond to the comments of 3 students below. Each Response must be exactly 100 words.

Each response is to be specific to the original post of the individual to whom you are responding (in other words, you cannot post the same thing for each response). Each response should be a thoughtful reflection of the original post. In other words, simply saying “good idea” is not sufficient. Your replies should incorporate terminology and details from the readings and presentation.

Tips: Be sure to…

  • be supportive and affirming in your responses
  • individualize each response
  • make sure your replies are consistent with the course material (readings and presentation)

Student #1 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.

Curriculum map is a combination of: overview of goals, content standards, accountability and seamless transitioning. Curriculum map lays out and document goals you have for children development that you would like for them to achieve in the course of a school year. The purpose of the curriculum map is for teacher to map out to help focus and plan activities related to support goal this will ensure teacher have reach children developmental goal. This will also help teacher plan activities and as time progressive teacher can reflect if goal was meet and possible increase goal. Therefore the curriculum map is going to help teacher see weather all goals were achieved or possible being able to overlap certain goals. Another advantage teacher have using curriculum map is accountability, this can help teacher and parents as well. Curriculum map can guide and help trachers but for parents they can see how teachers map out goals and children progress. Children can benefit from teachers using curriculum map because this shows teacher are teaching and focusing what children need to work on. 

Lession planning provides specific objects for the generic goal meaning here teachers would plan in detail how would they meet children learning goal. Lession plan would reflect specific activities in related to goal and how the activities would take places. For example what materials would be need to deliver activity and how would you do the activity. Another thing lession plan can reflect the time you would spending in this particular activity, or goal. 

Over all both curriculum map and lesson plan are a combination needed to set children developmentall goals and how teacher would achieve goals. Curriculum map helps provide an overview and the lession plan are the route that will get you to achieve the goal.

Student #2 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.

The curriculum maps are helpful to plan the goals for all the individual children in your classroom. It is easy to map out the goals you want to work with them through out the year. Also, you can tie it to the state standards, and it will help keep track of the standards the children have already met and to check which ones you haven’t observed yet. This mapping curriculum also helps keep track of the children’s progress. 

Then this is information can be share with the parents to how you’re working with their child. This will show the intentional planning you do to help their children progress towards their goal. If the children moved to another program is something the other program can easily picked up from what it was left out.

On the other hand, the lesson plans are something that focuses on the goal of the children you’re working with. This is more detail of what materials of the classroom are you going to use to help this child achieved this goal. Specifying the curriculum activities that will be conducted in the classroom and can specify for how long you are going to be working on this goal. This is the difference from the mapping curriculum. 

They both are used to record the children’s goals, but one is more specific on the activities you’re going to implement. As in the mapping helps keep track on all the children’s progress on the working goals and achieved. The benefits that lesson plans and curriculum maps provide the children is that meets individualized goals for the children in their program. That are based on their interest and needs of the children.

Student #3 Comment: Response must be exactly 100 words.

Curriculum mapping provides a foundation and a visual representation of the yearly goals set for a classroom based on required standards. The benefits curriculum mapping may provide the child a sense of security. The child may not know or understand but when the teacher has a plan it makes the daily routine flow more smoothly. The curriculum map provides a foundation for structure. Structure and consistency help children transition throughout the day. This sense of order may reduce behaviors and frustrations that may occur when children feel uncertain. Also, this benefits the child because there is a plan in place to ensure they have a plan benefiting their developmental goals. 

Mapping is beneficial for the teacher because it gives them a visual of whats expected throughout the year. Mapping provides a layout for the teacher. The teacher can determine how they want to enforce these goals through lesson planning. Mapping provides a visual for the parents to ensure them that their teacher has goals set in place for their children that will benefit their development. Mapping also benefits the child's next teacher. It lets them know what the child has accomplished, and it tells the teacher where to begin the next curriculum map.

The lesson plan is used to break down the goals on the curriculum map and show how the goal will be achieved. The lesson plan shows the developmental domain/goal and explains the tools, materials, and method used to satisfy this goal. The curriculum map is a yearly layout of required goals and the lesson plan specifies how the goals are met.

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