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this is due in 10 hours..... must have done in 10 hours..... 


¨Objective:  to demonstrate positive communication skills in communicating with families.  To identify information about a child to assess his/her development and to plan goals.

Pretend that you are the teacher sharing your portfolio with the child’s parents. What would you say to the family about the child?  IF you have parent permission to share photographs, it would be wonderful if you could upload a couple photos of your portfolio to share with us the child's work.  

Address the following:

1. What are the child's specific skills?  What are his/her strengths?  Interests?

2. What would be the next steps in his/her development?  What should the family and teacher be doing to encourage the child’s growth and development?

3.  Conclusion:  end on a positive note.  Acknowledge and recognize the family's skills in raising a wonderful child!!

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