Child and Adolescent Psychology Conception

Child and Adolescent Psychology Conception, Birth, and the Newborn Worksheet Part 1 Directions: Provide a 25- to 50- word summary of development during each of the prenatal stages listed below. 

 1 Month: 
 7 Weeks: 
 3 Months: 
 4 Months: 
 5 Months: 
 6 Months: 
 7 Months: 
 8 Months: 
 9 Months/Newborn: 

Part 2 Directions: Write a 150- to 300- word response to each of the following questions; include any references and APA citations in your answer:

 1. What is a teratogen? How does it affect normal prenatal development? Provide at least two examples to support your response. 

 2. What are the differences in the roles of mothers and fathers in bonding with a newborn? How can a father be an active participant in raising a newborn?     

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