Lab Report Sheets 

Mass of one rubber stopper: ____________________________ 

Volume of water in cylinder______________________ 

Mass of water and cylinder_______________________ 

Volume of water with first rubber stopper: ___________________ 

Mass of graduated cylinder with first rubber stopper and water___________________ 

Volume of water with two metal pieces___________________________ 

Mass of graduated cylinder with two pieces of rubber stopper and water_________________ 

Volume of water after adding the third piece of metal______________________ 

Mass of graduated cylinder with three pieces of metal and water_________________ 

Determine the density of the black rubber stopper from the graph _________________ 

Treatment of Data 

1. Using the relation: Density = mass and y =mx + b, decide how your data should volume

be plotted to get a straight line. (Use mass for the y axis) 

2. On a sheet of graph paper, plot your data.  

3. From the graph, calculate the slope and get the intercept. 

4. Using the above information, what is the density of the black rubber stopper? 

Turn In 

1. data: arranged in an organized manner. 

2. graph, slope, intercept, clearly marked on the grap 

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