Crystal Violet Lab Report:

1. Based on your data and graphs, determine the order of the reaction in crystal violet. Explain the reasoning for your choice.

2 Determine the pseudo rate constant, K', for Trial # 1.

3. Using the pseudo rate law, determine the rate of the reaction for trial # 1 after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes.

4. Write the integrated form of the rate law for Trial #1 relating [CV] to time.

5. Determine the half- life for Trial 1

6. Using the data from the two runs, determine the order of the reaction in OH. Round the closest integer.

7. Calculate the Value of the true rate constant for Trial #1 and Trial #2 and include the units.

8. Write the rate law for this reaction using the average rate constant found in question 7.

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