Discussion 2:


 “Effects of battery manufacturing on electric vehicle life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions” D. Hall, N. Lutsey. “Effects of Battery Manufacturing on Electric Vehicle Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions”. ICCT Briefing (2018), pp. 1-12. February. 2018 

ASSIGNMENT: Read the assigned article to identify and state the following:

• Research Question 

• Hypothesis 

• Method 

• Results

 Once you have read the article state 3 critiques of the work. These could be in the methods, the experiment design, conflict of interest, funding, etc. Think critically. What about this article would make you doubt the results? Finally, in your own words, summarize the findings of the research.  Use this summary to support your reaction to the article.  Some prompting questions to help you develop your reaction could be (but aren’t limited to): • After reading this article has my mind changed about environmental pollution? • How does this article effect my life? My family’s lives? • Is this an area of science that needs more research? After you have posted your critiques and discussion points, respond to 3 other students’ posts. 

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