Chapter 4 Writing Assignment -



Complete Exercise 16 on page 150 in your textbook—do all scenarios a,b,c,d,e.  Read the exercise carefully.

  1. Use the ACE model you learned about in Chapter 3 for each written communication and Chapter 4 Refer to your text on different questions you can ask for each communication.
  • A - what did you analyze? who is your audience?
  • C - how did you choose compose? what format?  why?
  • E - how did you evaluate?  What did you evaluate?  Did you proofread?


  1. Type up all the communications in ONE document with a page break between each communication on a separate page in the same document. Remember to use your ACE model for EACH communication.  For example, page 1 = message a; page 2 = b; page 3 = c.....and so on.
  2. Hint:  the instructions are to compose a NEW message for each scenario, and how to compose and FORMAT counts too.  For example, scenario A is an email; (TO: FROM: etc scenario B is a voice mail message; scenario c is a memo; scenario d is a flyer in the break room, etc.  Refer to Appendix A on Formats for Business Documents and the proper formatting for each scenario.  Remember to use the ACE model for all your communications.

Written Communication VALUE Rubric

Written Communication VALUE Rubric


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContext of and Purpose for WritingIncludes considerations of audience, purpose, and the circumstances surrounding the writing task(s).

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