chapter 1 constitutional law



Constitutional Law and the Criminal Justice System

Harr, Hess, Orthman 7th edition


Typed, Times New Roman, 12pt font, black ink

1” margins, double-spaced 

you must answer the following questions

 1. Few people could live together and not have laws. Why?  

2. Does pluralism have any negative aspects? Why have some fought so hard against the concept in the United States?  

3. Do demonstrations such as the Boston Tea Party have any effect? Are they positive or negative?  

4. What factors make it amazing that any organization among the colonies was successful?  

5. Were the Articles of Confederation a wasted effort or were they needed? 

 6. What do you think about the Constitutional Convention being closed to the public? Was this necessary?

7. Why is the Constitution called a living document? Give examples.

8. What do you think the anti-Federalists were really afraid of?

9. Why should the Bill of Rights not have been left up to each state to develop on its own?

10. If the U.S. Constitution works so well, why do all countries not adopt it? 

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