Challenges by seeing video 100-250 Words



INFORMS Operations Research (OR) and Analytics Video Summary Assignment: To complete this assignment, the following instructions must be followed:

The Rubric:

  • watch the attached video in its entirety
  • identify four community challenges that OR and Analytics has provided critical data and methods to offer solutions.
  • in your own words, using the APA 6E guide approach, prepare 100 words to 250 words summary about the four challenges that you identify above
  • Your summary assignment will be prepared in MS Word format ONLY - No PDF format will be allowed
  • write-up MUST be original student own thoughts following video watching of this research work in APA 6E format
  • DO NOT COPY and paste your assignment on the SafeAssign platform when you submit, 
  • ALL Assignments with SafeAssign similarity reports of 25% or more will NOT be accepted.  Don't forget your cover page and title, and reference formatted correctly.

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