1. Virtual Team Challenges. Your project team for this course is a virtual one. Chose ONE of the these three topics and discuss the challenges virtual teams might encounter in the area of: TEAM ORGANIZATION

How might your team meet these challenges, and what could you do to enhance the performance of your virtual team?

2. Project Leadership and the Project Team. Leaders often have to change their leadership style to suit a given situation in leading project teams. How would you describe your primary leadership style – the style you prefer or default to in most situations? Describe a project situation that would cause you to change your leadership style (i.e., supportive/democratic to more autocratic/authoritative style).

3. Project Management Approaches. Most of the PMBOK Guide (Sixth Edition) deals with traditional (or predictive/waterfall/linear) project management. Likewise, most of this course deals with traditional project management. However, it is important to be aware that there are projects that do not ideally lend themselves to being managed using a traditional approach. Read Section 2.4 (pages 13-16) in the Agile Practice Guide (link is in Links to PMI Publications in PMI Information under Course Resources), and then describe the characteristics that determine whether or not a project is ideally suited to be managed using a traditional approach. If you happen to have worked on a project that you believe did not lend itself to a traditional project management approach, please share it with the class, explaining clearly how you arrived at this conclusion.

APA format, in-text citation, references include, 1 1/2 page

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