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To continue building on your Key Assignment, complete the following for your Customer Satisfaction and Product Guarantee Plan.

Part of advertising is also about the appeal and brand promise of a certain image. Knowing what messages match the market is critical in the ad campaign. Check out a magazine that you would not usually buy or read. Find 1 ad in the magazine, and evaluate the following:

  • What is the ad’s overall promotional message?
  • Is there a brand promise? Do you believe the promise?
  • Who do you think the ad is targeting?
  • Why would a customer buy this product?
  • Where would the customer use the product?
  • How does the advertisement appeal to the customer’s image of him- or herself?
  • Would you buy the product or suggest it to your friends and family?
  • Explain how the advertising copy appeals to the reader. Where is the call to action to buy?
  • Do the visual or graphic images correspond to the copy? Why did it capture your attention?
  • Include any other information that helps with the analysis.

Your evaluation should be at least 800 words. Add a copy of or a link to the advertisement.

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