Case Study Analysis


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• Case Study Analysis ( introduction- input analysis -problem identification- proposal and alternative evaluate - recommendation)

• DO NOT WRITES the questions Below in Case Study Analysis 

Kindly use the following questions as guidelines to your assigned case study:

1- What challenges does Shelby Givens face:

   *During Phase I (Preparing for the Transformation)

   *During Phase II (Renovation and Grand Opening)

   *During Phase III (2011/2012 Operations)

2-By the end of the case, what has Givens done to address the challenges outlined at each stage listed in Question (1) above?

3-Which of the actions executed by Givens were most successful in resolving the challenges? Which were least successful? What other options might Givens have pursued?

4-Is Sugar Bowl a viable business? Which forces have the most positive, or negative, impact on the business’s profitability?

5-Givens considers two paths for Wednesday night entertainment: league bowling and exclusive band rights.

   *Which option will generate more revenue in the short term? Long term?

   *Is revenue how success should be measured? Which path do you think is best for Sugar Bowl, and why?

6-Once Sugar Bowl’s financials are more stable, what changes could Givens make to build a stronger organization and culture?

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