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Case Study #2

· Purpose: The purpose of this case study is to allow you to examine your position on character development through sport and exercise. Take a critical look at your moral and ethical position when completing the following assignment.

· Article: Choose an article from popular press about an in sport or exercise. The article must come from the last two years. Briefly summarize the article in no more than a paragraph.

· Analysis: Consider your position as a leader (coach, athletic trainer, SPC). Answer the following questions in a paragraph or two about what responsibilities you have.

o What is your responsibility concerning this issue?

o What are your opinions on the findings of the article?

o Using your newfound knowledge of SEP and character development, what are at least three examples or ways you could help improve this issue with the athletes/coaches involved?

· Conclusion: Sum up your thoughts in a final paragraph. 

· Scoring: This project is worth 50 pts. You will be scored on content, grammar, writing, and how well you can explain your position. Don’t forget, this is Sport and Exercise Psychology! The paper must be minimum two pages in length, 12 point font, and include the reference for the article. 

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