Case Study


Read the "Goodbye to Happy Hour" case study.  Thoroughly answer the questions below:

  • When describing Jane's as a leader, what type of leader is she? Explain.
  • What type of leadership style should she  use in this current situation? And has she displayed too much or too little leadership? Explain both of your answers.
  • Why are Ryan and other staff members not motivated to take on extra work?  How has this lack of motivation impacted the effectiveness of the organization?  What strategies can Jane do to motivate them? 
  • What group dynamics are at work in this case study?  How has this impacted the behavior of those involved?

**Make sure you include your textbook and an at least one outside source in your response**

textbook: Shafritz, J. M., Russell, E.W., Borick, C.P. & Hyde, A.C. (2017). Introducing public administration (9 ed.). New York: Routledge. ISBN:- 978-1-138-66634-4 (paperback) ISBN:-978-1-315-61943-9 (e-book).

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