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Students must go through the link above and complete the questions at the end of the case study.To read click on the words above "The Case of Plant Relocation" or copy to your browser.


Questions must be answered fully and completely to receive full points  (2 page minimum). 

Message from Professor:

Dear Students

For Case Study 6 I am receiving emails on what are the questions students must
use to complete the assignment.

This Case Study is a little unique in that the "questions" does not appear
directly as questions. The questions however will always be found at the end of
the Case Study and I have include them in this message for you and are as

You have to decide how you would like to proceed. Your options are to further
investigate one or more of the overseas sites or to simply continue all
operations within the United States. Examine each possibility and the factors
you will consider in weighing the pros and cons.

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