Case Assignment



Case assignments should be a one-page typed case analysis (single-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1" margins). The goal of these analyses will be to provide novel and creative solutions to the issues described in each case. Going beyond the case description and utilizing the tools of strategic analysis are expected to receive full points. 

Questions for each case are below:

Case 1 – Robin Hood

1. What strategic problems does Robin Hood have?

2. What are some issues in this organization's external environment?

3. What strategy can Robin Hood implement?

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    Case assignment

    600 words

    due tonight

  • 300 word

    What internal resources and assets does General Motors have to help counter the external forces?

  • What were the major challenges Starbucks faced in India?

    300 words

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    Case analysis

    200 words

    due tonight 12 pm

    What internal resources and assets does Ford have that may give it a competitive advantage?

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    Case study

    Why was this strategy problematic for Boston Beer?

  • answer 3 question for chapter 9