Case analysis



Research the Coca-Cola Company in depth. Use all of the resources to find information on this organization and also include academic references in answering the following questions.

Follow this outline for case assignment #1:Background

  • Introduce the company and provide the audience with some background information about the company.
  • Situation Analysis
  • The Environment
    1. What is the state of the economy?
    2. What are the current trends in cultural and social values?
    3. What are the current political values and trends?
    4. Is there any pending federal, state, or local legislation that could alter the environment?
    5. Any threats to the environment, and therefore the firm?
  • The Industry
    1. What industry is the firm in?  What are the chief economic and business characteristics of the industry?
    2. Which organizations are major competitors in the industry?  What strategies have competitors been using and have they worked?  What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the competitors?
    3. Is there a threat of new competitors?  Are there any substitute products in the industry?
    4. What forces are driving change in the industry?
    5. Is the industry attractive?  What factors make it attractive?  Unattractive?
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