Capstone Project Instructions (Due in Week 4)


The due date for the final product(s) is midnight of the Saturday in the fourth week. Final Capstone Paper Rubric CJE4710 Final Capstone Paper Rubric CJE4710 - Alternative FormatsThe Capstone Project is designed to provide the student an opportunity to synthesize knowledge gained from course study throughout the student’s academic career.  For this project, the student will choose a topic related to his or her area(s) of study and complete a formal written report and an oral report based on the study and research conducted during the class.IMPORTANTYou must use the "Keiser OWL," which is the Keiser Online Writing Lab, to have your paper reviewed for strengths and weaknesses. Once you log into Blackboard,you are on the homepage.  Look for "My Organizations" and click on this tab. This is where you will find the Writing Lab.  If you need an OWL form, go to "Getting Started," and you will find the form under "Course Resources."Make sure you send me a copy of the completed form and your paper once you have made the recommended revisions. Using the Owl is a mandatory part of the class.  I will not grade your rough drafts in weeks 2 and 3 until you have completed the revisions provided by the OWL editors! We have Safe Assign, which is similar to Turn-It-In and can be used to help you with plagiarism issues in Weeks 2 and 3.  Remember, no more than 30% of your entire research paper can be from outside material.WRITTEN FORMAL REPORT (RESEARCH PAPER):STYLE OR GUIDELINES:

  1. The final paper should be 15-20 pages in length, not including the title page, the table of contents, and the references page.  
  2. The final paper should follow an APA basic format including one inch margins, 12 point Times Roman type, double spacing between each line and not more than that, and standard rules for manuscript preparation.
  3. The paper must have at least ten references cited according to APA guidelines, Seventh Edition, including proper in-text citations and references which are listed on the last page in alphabetical order.
  4. No more than five of the ten sources may be Internet sources; the other sources should be scholarly journal articles and books the student reads to conduct his or her research.
  5. All sources must be cited at least once in the paper.
  6. Graphs and charts are not mandatory but enhance the presentation.  Adhere to appropriate APA guidelines to provide explanations and references for graphs and charts.
  7. Consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (7th edition), or
  8. The paper must be written in the third person point-of-view.  Do not use first person (I, me, my, mine, myself, we, our, ours, ourselves) except if it is included in a direct quotation.  Do not use second person (you, your, yours, yourself) except if it is included in a direct quotation.
  9. The paper should include a title page, a table of contents, an abstract, an introduction (Not labeled), the body with applicable headings, a conclusion (Not labeled), a page of references, and relevant visuals, graphs, and tables if suitable or germane to the topic.


  1. The research paper will demonstrate the student’s ability to use clear and concise writing at the college level.
  2. The paper should encompass the coursework learned throughout the student’s bachelor-level academic career.  It should address a topic that affects or is related to the student’s areas of study.  Ideally, it will explore a convergence of the major fields the student studied during his or her college career.  The student must select a topic which he or she may argue, one on which the student may take a firm stand.  Although research is part of this project, it is not simply an informational paper or a report; it must include and represent the student’s view of the subject.
  3. (Optional) Speak with someone at an institution, agency, government office, or company about the key issues explored throughout the research paper; the student should acquire an inside perspective.  This citation and reference will be formatted according to APA standards for interviews.  This does not include a first-person account although the student may, in fact, have a background relating to the subject.
  4. (Optional) A Power Point is optional.
  5. The oral presentation may be set up by using a video camera or YouTube.  Directions about how to create a YouTube presentation are included under "Start Here", "Course Resources".  You must have an audience (three people minimum), for your presentation; this can be family, friends, or anyone you would like to invite.

GRADE: The student’s grade will depend upon the following benchmarks or standards:

  1. The presentation of the analysis and research
  2. The support and substantiation of the student’s argument/discussion
  3. The correct format for an APA research paper, its citations of a variety of sources, and its list of references
  4. The mandatory minimum page requirement
  5. The quality of the work presented
    1. Whether or not the student presents a detailed or vague overview
    2. Whether or not everything is addressed based on the initial questions

DUE DATE: *The due date for the final product(s) is midnight of the Saturday in the fourth week. Good luck! Additional Information:

  • Assignment Due Saturday of Week 4
  • Submit Final paper and Final Presentation

The final presentation must be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. This presentation should be at least 15 minutes long and have an audience of at least 3 people. Have your audience help out. Give them questions to ask. Let them participate.

There are Capstone examples on YouTube. Be sure your video is set to Public View; you will be notified once it has been reviewed and graded should you want to take it down.

Dress for success and pick a comfortable place to present your research. You may use a PowerPoint, flashcards, poster boards, or any other visual aids to enhance your presentation and earn extra credit. You cannot read your presentation so make sure you practice.

Have fun with this project!

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