CONCERT film guideline


You are to attend a concert or view an approved film during your enrollment in MUS19: Music Appreciation.

You are to review the concert or film as a critic would.
Questions to be answered in the context of your report are as follows:

  • What drew you to this particular concert/film?
  • What was your favorite musical piece from the concert or film? Focus on as many aspects of opinion (technical & emotional) as possible.  
  • What was your least favorite musical piece from the concert or film? (again, talking musically NOT simply rehash the plot if watching a film).
  • In conclusion, how was the overall experience?


  • All reviews must be in paragraph form, typed and at least two pages in length. MLA format is preferred. It is advisable to write your review immediately after attending the concert or watching the movie so that it is fresh in your mind. You may even want to take notes during it.
  • Writing too much is far more advisable than writing too little.
  • You are required to do one report. The only acceptable genres for live concerts are classical, jazz, or Musical Theatre. Also, the concert has to have taken place during the semester.  (For example, you can't review a concert that you saw over Winter break before we were in the class).  If you have any doubt as to whether or not a particular concert would qualify, just ask! The report is worth 100 points.
  • Check Due Dates! Late reports will not be accepted.
  • You need to submit your report through this assignment function.  Simply follow the prompts to attach your work using a standard word processing .doc or .pdf application.

When you are ready, click on the blue "Submit Assignment" button on the upper right of the screen.

In lieu of a concert, you may watch one of the approved films below.  If you decide to do this, please make sure to focus on the music, and not just the plot.  And even though you will be watching in your living room, the requirements are the same...just pretend you are watching in a Broadway theater....

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