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Using the sample course template, write an APA-formatted paper according to the following guidelines:

  • Title Page: Title your paper "Reflective Practice and Career Goals."
  • Introduction: The opening content should directly follow the title of the paper (repeated from the title page) and provide an introduction and overview of what will be included in your paper.
  • Professional Purpose and Career Goals: Reflect upon your professional purpose and career goals, including how your career aspirations align with your program or specialization outcomes. This self-reflection activity should inform your decision to reaffirm or reconsider your chosen degree program and specialization. (Which is in reading and literacy doctorate degree )
  • Professional Attributes and Professional Growth: Articulate your professional strengths and opportunities for growth. Discuss why effective educators must be lifelong learners. Identify organizations, resources, and activities that could be used for professional development to strengthen your skills.

  • Time Management Strategies: Identify and describe at least two time-management strategies you will implement during this course and during your doctoral program.
  • Conclusion: In one or two paragraphs, provide summative comments, including your thoughts about the value of identifying your professional purpose.
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