CAD-CAM Problem


CAD-CAM Problem

Assignment Due: 2pm, 23th March 2018 (GMT)


Shown on the following sheet is the design brief for a customisable coat hook.  Working to the provided design constraints you are to design, simulate and optimise your design to meet the following design requirements:  

• Your design must be within the spatial restrictions shown in Figure 1. 

• Your design must accept a typical clothes hanger, with a maximum wire thickness of 4mm and nominal hook radius of 20mm.  

• Your design must be mounted by a single #6 self-tapping countersunk screw. 

• Your design must support a load of 1kg, hung from the hook. 

• Assuming a simulation material of Nylon 101, your final design must be within a Factor of Safety of 2 in all areas. 

• Your design should be suitable for 3D printing on an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ 3D printer. 

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