BW Texas Gov't Topic 7.1 and 7.2



  1. Go to the website of the State of Texas Legislature and look around.
  2. Download  at least one of the Party Platforms if you haven't done this already  Democratic or Republican
  3. Select at least two policies you would like to see become law .  They don't have to be from the same party, but they can.
  4. Go back to the Legislature website and scroll to find the section dedicated to the Legislative Committees. House or Senate
  5. Find one or two committees you think would be the first to introduce your policy and discuss it.
  6. Go to the Discussion Board and talk about your experience.

Topic 7.2 

The PowerPoint talks about the responsibilities of the Texas Legislature in terms of generating laws to govern the State, making desired outcomes official policy.

In addition to generating legislation, our State reps have other "powers" called "non-legislative" powers.  Find the slide that talks about them. Think about those powers and discuss how important you think they are, or are not

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