Business memo concerning the Seven Vitals of Business Communications


Seven Vitals of Business Communication:

  • know your audience
  • seek to understand
  • solutions and/or headlines come first
  • get ahead of the issue
  • develop the skillest to deliver bad news
  • your only job is to make your boss' job easier
  • bring authenticity and passion to everything you do

The memo should be 750 words (+/-50). The memo should be in standard business format as described below.

Header (containing date, to, from, and subject - single spaced)  Your paper is to "Professor lee" Your subject is: "The Seven Vitals of Business Communications."

Body (single space, double spacing between paragraphs or headlines)

Your opening paragraph should describe why the "vitals" are important.

Your next section should outline each of the "vitals."

Your third section should focus on which of the "vitals" you believe is the most important.

Your final section should describe how you see yourself using the most important "vital" in business.

**Remember to separate each section with a headline. Be generous with paragraphing. Use bullet points, bold-space, and spacing to make your paper more visually interesting.

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