Business Ethics


The purpose of this assignment is to identify an ethical issue, analyze it from the perspective of all involved stockholders, and propose a solution you deem the most ethically appropriate.


  1. Choose the area of major ethical issues you are most interested in: Choices are finance ethics, ethics of human resource management, production ethics, or sales/marketing ethics.
  2. From within that major category, narrow it down to a particular ethical issue within that category. I listed a few for each category in the Ethics Powerpoint but there are others. You don't have to pick one of mine. For links to various issues within the major categories go here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (by the way, Wikipedia is a great place for basic introductory research-just don't cite the Wiki page. Cite the source of Wikipedia's information).
  3. Once you have chosen a particular ethical issue from within the major categories, research to find a real life example of this. This shouldn't be too hard. Again, Wikipedia is not a bad place to start. NOTE: You cannot use any ethical issue that has already been resolved because then there is no rhetorical purpose for writing the memo. For example, you can't use ENRON because that was resolved. Your ethical issue has to be an issue where a resolution has not yet been achieved.
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