business case study - knowledge Management strategy


 use the attached PDF case study to answer the following in an apa style paper. 

1. What is the case about? Your answer should include a description of the three phases of TPA's knowledge Management strategy and of the key actors and their roles.

2. What are the main points of the last meeting of the SharePoint Project committee? Present your answer in a table that clearly illustrates the viewpoints of four actors.

In order to allow for a more informed group discussion, you are also asked to individually reflect on the questions associated with each of the four activities described below.

1. What are the general characteristics of:

   a. The organizational environment at TPA,

   b. The SharePoint Project system as a kind of knowledge management system,

   c. The adoption process of SharePoint Project?

2. How can we position TPA's efforts of knowledge management to support its strategic objectives? Expanding on the results from the second activity, what elements are misaligned? Why?

3. Drawing on existing methods, suggest an analysis and re-engineering approach which is tailored to this case. Explain where and how your approach deviates from the existing approaches.

4. How can we capture TPA's tacit knowledge?

5. What should have been done differently to improve the chances of success of the implementation of SharePoint Project?

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