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This assignment will help students work towards achieving learning outcomes: 1, 3, and 5. In this individual assignment, students will demonstrate and apply their knowledge of management concepts taught in the course.


You are required to write an essay on ONE of the FIVE major management concepts covered during the course (Organising, Strategy, HRM, Motivation, and Leadership). You need to apply one of these management concepts to one or more real-world examples.

You cannot use the management concept that you studied for your Group Case Analysis assignment. Practical examples must not include cases discussed already in the course (Disney, Amazon, Good George, PeopleSoft and Oracle, Google, Ford, Torpedo 7, Foodstuffs, Valve, Spotify, Zespri, Coca-Cola).

The essay must include:

·        A detailed description of the management concept, including the key contributing models and researchers.

·        Application of the theory to the practical industry example, with clear demonstration of conceptual mastery, analysis and discussion of business implications.

·        Reference to/application of at least one other managerial concept when analysing the real-world example. This requires you to link another managerial concept to the concept you are discussing.

·        Correct essay formatting and layout (explained in tutorials).

·        A minimum of three journal article citations as well as a range of other external sources referenced correctly.

·        The word count for the essay is 2000 words (excluding cover page and references).

Please upload a Word (.doc or .docx) file ONLY.

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