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Budget deliberations require a clear and convincing message from the  public safety department's chief executive. This is usually an  introductory statement at the public hearing concerning the department's  budget. The chief executive must provide an overview and the highlights  of the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. This should be  concise, setting the tone for the testimony that is to come by the  department managers and its budget manager.

For this assignment, you may use your department's budget, if you work for a public safety agency. 

Alternatively, you may find a public safety agency budget (current or  very recent) on the Internet. You may incorporate reasonable fictional  detail as necessary.


  • NOTE: If you need to find a  sample budget, try using the search engine Google, with the search term  "Public safety agency sample budget".

  • Write a memo communicating the budget results for a local public safety agency. 

  • Your memo should be written as if you are going to present it to elected officials at a public budget hearing. 
  • Your memo must include:     
    1. Policy statements;
    2. Highlights of the budget; 
    3. Challenges encountered while creating this particular budget;
    4. A reference section noting any and all budget documents you consulted for this task. 
  • Since these remarks will be part of the public record and shared with the elected council or board, use the following header:  
Through:City or County Manager
  • Your complete assignment should be 1-2 pages double-spaced.

Make sure to submit your memo and reference section.

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