Project Supply Chain/Procurement Management


Complete Exercise questions 1 through 4 found at the end of Chapter 13, CPM 4e.

You must select a project that is available online or in print from a news source within 6 months prior to the due date for this assignment.  Provide an active link or an image of the source (including date) as evidence and place it as an appendix to your responses to the exercise questions.

Use a question-response format for this assignment.

Provide in-text citation of all references.

Use APA writing style.

Turn-it-In will be used to screen this assignment for authenticity. 

Point allocation will be as follows:

Source of project provided and within 6 months prior to the due date for the assignment - PASS/FAIL screen for the assignment.

Question 1 -  20 points (ensure that you develop a complete list of as many potential contracted items as possible)

Question 2 -  20 points (ensure that you properly cite the reference used to baseline or template your RFI).

Question 3 -  20 points (ensure that your ideas are tailored to the project)

Question 4 -  20 points (ensure that you explain why the chosen contract is used AND why others were rejected)

Mechanics (20 points)  It is expected that this assignment has excellent mechanics (presentation, grammar and spelling) and exhibits the quality of work capable of a group of graduate students and working professionals.  All sections of the document submitted must be readable at 100% magnification.  Include any resources used in an APA formatted reference section.

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