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  1. This week you’ve learned about several different presentation tools and how they can affect an audience. Consider this situation: You’ve been asked to present your idea of adding a family pool to a country club to the club’s Board of Trustees. However, you don’t want to use a simple Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and would like to try out some new tools you’ve recently learned. 

    Keep the following in mind about your audience when selecting a presentation tool:
    • There are nine members of the Board of Trustees 
    • The Board is multi-generational (but majority is middle-aged men) and multi-cultural
    • Two Board members have a hearing impairment
    • Three Board members will be calling-in to the meeting  
    • Choose two presentation tools: in one, create a short presentation (2 to 3 slides) about your thoughts of adding a family pool, and in the other, provide the same information. Then consider the following questions:
    • Besides content, how are the presentations similar?
    • What advantages does one presentation tool have over the other?
    • Which is your preference, and why?
    • Which tool would you recommend for others to use?
    • Instructor’s Note: Pay attention to each assignment point including word count.
      Instructor's Note: APA formatting includes a title page, reference page, abstract, and subheadings. If you do not know how to format each of these elements, see the links below. The Center for Writing Excellence is a very good resource.
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