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 (1) A price must have no other thought in mind than war and how to pursue it (Machiavelli, 279), (2) a price must be liberal, rather than generous (Machiavelli, 282), (3) a good prince should be merciful rather than cruel, but must not overuse his mercy (one must be cruel at times, the key is knowing when to be which one) (Machiavelli, 284), (4) a prince must be feared rather than loved (Machiavelli, 285), and (5) a good prince must take on the qualities of a lion and a fox (Machiavelli, 287). Meaning that he must be aware of his enemies and terrifying to them as well. According to Machiavelli, these are the qualities that build a great prince or leader. In this document, Machiavelli also conveys the idea that by doing these things, one must gain success and if success is gained, then any means taken to get it our justified. 

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