BIO 100/ BioScience (3) Part Assignment


PART 1: The science of... 

1. Go to the link below and pick an article. Since this is a biology course, try to find an article that is related to the content of the course. 

3. Read the article and post the following: 

4. Link to the article. (5 points) 

5. A brief summary about the article. (15 points) 

⦁ Explain what the article is about. Imagine you are talking to a friend of yours. Unfortunately your friend doesn't seem to have time to read the article but she/he really wants to know what the article is about. 

1. Give a reason why somebody should read the article. (10 points) 

⦁ Did you find the article interesting, easy/difficult to understand, why? Is the information in the article useful for daily life, helpful for the course? 

1. Did you use any other sources to aid your understanding of the article? Don’t forget to add references to those sources. (5 points) 

PART 2: Podcasts - due Sunday at 11:59pm PT

1. Listen to one of these podcasts: (Read the summaries and choose the one you want)

I. Radiolab - Cellmates

II. Radiolab - Antibodies Part 1: CRISPR

2. For the main post please include:

A. Title of the podcast you selected. (5 points)

B. Two (2) new words/concepts you learn through the podcast and their definition. (10 points)

C. Short summary (100-150 words) telling your classmates what the podcast is about and why they should or should not listen to it. (10 points)

D. Your personal opinion about the main concept discussed in the podcast. (10 points)

PART 3: Study Guide 1

Attached Files:

File Study Guide 1.docx Study Guide 1.docx - Alternative Formats (17.473 KB)

Answer the questions BRIEFLY and IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  Please do not cut and paste; you will not get full credit if you cut and paste.

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