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Researchers strive to systematically collect data in order to create accurate descriptions of the social world. This allows them to draw conclusions about why people act the way they do in all types of situations and in relation to other people. For this qualitative research paper, you will systematically collect data through your interview with a functional bilingual. In going through this process, you will experience how social scientists transform data they collect into a written case study research paper.

In writing this research paper, imagine you educate your fellow LaGuardians—monolingual, bilingual, multilingual alike—on the dimensions of what it means to be someone who uses more than one language. Give your readers the necessary context or background information throughout the paper to help them follow your discussion. If you use any terms that would be unfamiliar to your readers, make sure to define them.

Your task: In this research paper, respond to the prompt below:

Based on the personal perspective shared by the person you interviewed, what is the experience of a bilingual in an urban place like New York City? Select and discuss three aspects of the bilingual experience from the responses of your participant. Be sure to support your discussion with a specific reference to the words of the interviewee and to the concepts covered in class. Conclude your paper by reflecting on the central question of this assignment, “What is unique about the experience of the person you interviewed, an urban bilingual?”

Process stages for this assignment

  1. Select the person to be interviewed (the functional bilingual you interview may not be your classmate in ELN 101; talk to me if you have difficulties locating a local bilingual).
  2. Develop your questions for the online assignment; select the most appropriate for your case study from the list posted on Blackboard.
  3. Schedule, conduct, and audio-record the interview; transcribe the answers.
  4. Code the transcript, looking for recurring similar themes into categories; detect consistent and overarching themes (examples will be shown in class).
  5. Select three themes/aspects of the bilingual experience in the responses of your participants to be discussed in your paper and select appropriate quotes from your participant. Submit the transcript and the three aspects as your next online assignment.
  6. Write the first draft of your paper following the suggestions on how to organize it distributed in class; revisit it in a day or two and revise it; make sure to end the paper with a reflection on your research process and what you learned through this primary research study.
  7. Submit the paper; expect feedback.
  8. Discuss revision strategies with me; revise and be ready to post the final version on e-portfolio.

Format: This research paper should be 4-5 pages long (without the interview transcript) in MLA format and should have the canonical organization introduced in class. Check the syllabus for how to format this assignment. Append the interview transcript.

Grading system: The research paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria: (1) Accurate understanding of the concepts and fulfillment of the assignment; (2) Analysis and development; (3) Organization and coherence; (4) Awareness of audience and use of appropriate tone; and (5) Overall clarity of language.

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