1. You can choose a real or fictitious organization as your case study organization, which will represent where I am the CIO/President and to which you will be presenting as a Data Scientist.

2. Choose at least one dataset as that which was provided to you by my organization.

3. You may use or create any data you like, but here are some resources that may be helpful to you in locating a dataset. The dataset should be relevant to my organization (i.e., your case study organization or vice-versa). Examples: (feel free to use any dataset of your choice)

4. You will also need to select a Big Data Analytics tool solution that your team proposes to use to provide meaningful analysis of a large set of data. Many Big Data Analytics tools are available in a trial version. Examples: (feel free to use any tool of your choice)

5. Your paper/presentation should include the following components:

• A general explanation of what data science and big data analytics is

• The type(s) of data in your data set

• How the data is housed and any proposals for potentially consolidating it

• How the data was or will need to be prepared

• The big data analytics software solution your team is proposing to use including features it offers (time series, decomposition, “What if” analysis, interactive reports, etc.)

• How your chosen big data analytics software differs from its competitors and why you chose it.

• A model used in your data analysis of the case study organization data

• You will need to back up your claims with the source material, at least half of which should be scholarly peer-reviewed articles.

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