After reading the Article located at the bottom of the page, respond to the following questions. 

  • After reading this article, what emotions did you feel for Barbara Mangi?

  • What shocked you about this story?

  • How does the reality of humans being set apart from all other creation and being made in the image of God add weight to this tragic story?

    • Would those feelings change if instead we were simply just like every other animal? How so?
  • As Barbara told her story, where can you see God as work in her?

  • Where can you see God as work in Patrick Ford?

  • How did anger play a role in this story?

  • How does Jesus relate anger and murder? What should that keep us mindful of?

  • What passages in Scripture support how Barbara responded in this situation? (locate at least 2 passages)

  • If this were you, what would have made forgiveness so difficult? How was Barbara able to overcome that?

  • What does this story teach us about forgiveness?
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