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 Q1.  analyze how a VPN is used for telework and how it helps to keep data safe. Be sure to include when you have used a VPN and why companies use them as part of their network security.     You must use at least 2 scholarly resource.  Every discussion posting must be properly APA formatted. (250-300 words)

Q2.  Complete the following assignment in one MS word document: APA in-text citations) to support the work this week. All work must be original (not copied from any source).  

  1. Some say that analytics in general dehumanize manage- rial activities, and others say they do not. Discuss argu- ments for both points of view. (100 WORDS)
  2. What are some of the major privacy concerns in employ- ing intelligent systems on mobile data? (100 WORDS)
  3. Identify some cases of violations of user privacy from current literature and their impact on data science as a profession. (100 WORDS)
  4. Search the Internet to find examples of how intelligent systems can facilitate activities such as empowerment, mass customization, and teamwork. (150 words)                   

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