Please review Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross (1992) and use it to answer the questions below. Please answer the following using complete sentences.

  1. Consider the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change
    1. Which stage did you fall into when the course began? How do you know?
    2. Which stage do you current fall into? How do you know?
    3. How can you progress to the next stage? What steps do you need to take?
  2. How can you implement this theory to change your behavior from your old one to your new one? What portion of the theory will help promote this change? Design a brief intervention for yourself to help you shift from your old behavior to your new one. Tell me about this intervention.
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    Please turn in your behavior log and answers to the questions below:

    Part 1. Continue your daily tracking of your behavior. What trends or patterns do you see in your behavior? Why might these …