Avionics Homework


After Market Avinoics Assignment:


Unless you have a preference of what aircraft you own in this project, you will assume you own a Cessna 172.  You will go through these magazines looking at General Aviation avionics.  This can come from an advertisement or an article. 

You will write a one-two page paper of what avionics you would choose for your aircraft.  (You will assume your aircraft has no digital systems in it).  You will document the magazine or magazines you used.  Why this avionics?  Why did you choose this above others.  Money is no object in this exercise.  Go to the website of that avionics product and look at their installation manuals.  Most GA Avionics has it on their website. If you cannot find the install manuals and do not have enough information, look at another avionics product. Your project could be an entire avionics suite or maybe a specific product.  Your paper will include installation information that you might need.  

You will look at four Avionics News Magazines from the provided website (name the month), and review four articles.  One article per magazine, make sure you document which magazine and article. You will write a two pages paper.  Do not cut and paste but reinterpret the information in your paper. 

Maintenance vs Installation Manual: 

You will write up to one page paper on the difference between Maintenance Manual and Installation Manual.  You will find these manuals under module "Avionics Manuals for Homework Assignment", GMA 340.  This assignment must be typed and double spaced.

Maintenance Maual - 


Installation Manual -


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