After reading Challenger Analysis in Tufte's article (attached), briefly describe why YOU believe the Challenger accident occurred.

Also, answer the following questions:

· Was the Challenger accident preventable? 

· What specific factors led to the accident that YOU believe is relevant to this course (Analyzing & Visualizing Data)?

· What are your expectations for this course?


Expand upon the above discussion in a 3 page double spaced, APA formated document, describing the specific aspects from the Challenger accident that helps us better understand the importance of effective data visualization. 

Also, complete the following activity:

· Re-create at least 1 visual aid from Tufte's article that you believe would better describe the dangers surrounding the launch. 

· Expound upon Richard Feynman's congressional investigation and articulate a better argument as to the cause of the accident.

· What did you learn from this case study?

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