Australian Bushfire - Step 1


Research Topic : Australian Bushfire

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Step 1: Write an initial statement of your research topic without any citation. *Your intro paragraph’s 6 to 8 well developed sentences (avoid choppy baby sentences), must include not only the discussion of your research topic, and why you are interested in this topic, you must also include the specific problematic question(s) you want to explore through your research. At the end of your first paragraph, you must also include a transitional sentence that will lead smoothly into your 8-10 annotated bibliographies. Here’s an example of how your transitional sentence might similarly be worded: To find an answer to my problematic question(s) about …(fill in your topic)…, I made good use of our university library search engines, uncovered the following useful articles related to my topic, and formulated the following annotated bibliographies:

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