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profilejrshayma mask for you to try - you're back in the audience. You should have a better use of theatre terminology this go around and have clear ideas on themes that you are watching.  Here's what you do:  Find a theatrical production from the digital theatre plus library. Click on the link above see Digital Theatre Plus click it and you should get a screen that ask for your Troy email login information. You then will be on the Digital Theatre Plus site. Any production on the site can be used for the assignment. Look for the ones that say WATCH now (not listen now). You will notice the classical Broadway hits as well as new items. You might need to click around the site. There are productions that are long and some that are one hour.  If you have trouble with the service let me know by email. This is a service on Troy Library page. Remember you are getting to decide what you watch so do not tell me oh I thought the play was to risque to continue watching etc. Do some research on the play first so you watch something you will enjoy. 

They have recently changed the site and I am still getting use to the new format. Just make sure it says Watch NOW. 

Next up complete the following.

Production Title:                          Playwright:   This Production Directed By

In short, why did you select this play? 

Inspiration: What thematic “buzz words” come to mind as you watched? 

Ideas: State the major idea of the play (as you see it) in ONE complete sentence.

Write one or more clear and concise arguments for what you believe this production to be about (the big message). What themes were covered? Look back at your book on playwriting to see common themes examples: Values, generations, dreams

Did you enjoy this production? Give me some details of why or why not. ( examples:costumes, acting, concept, mood) EXPAND

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