Astronomy writing


 For this assignment answer the following questions.

1.   Use the information in Section 5-2 to describe the early stages of star & planetary formation.  Be sure to explain what Jean's instability is (and what can trigger it), what/how the protoplanetary disk forms, and how the protostar forms.

2.  Summarize each of the 11 methods of detecting exoplanets in Section 5-4:  For each method write 2-3 sentences explaining how it works.  This question is worth 10 points so you really need to go in-depth.  

3.  Using the information in Section 5-11--explain some of the factors used in the search for life among the exoplanets.  

Each question will be graded on an "A", "B", "C", "D", "F" scale (#2 will be worth 10 points)

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