Assignment: Writing a Review

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  1. Read the following professional and published review Laura Cappelle's "As Stages Go Dark, Companies Stumble (Links to an external site.)"
  2. Think deeply about the cultural (music, television, film) and artistic works that matter most to you.
  3. Write a short traditional essay that answers the following question:
    • What work of art or culture would you recommend that everyone experience? Keep in mind that you can recommend a book, a movie, music, a TV show, a live performance, fashion, architecture, dance, a work of visual art, a video game, a restaurant, or even technology. Think about something that has deeply impressed, moved, delighted or taught you — something you think others would benefit from experiencing too.
    • Then, explain why (this is your angle). What could you say to convince others that the experience is worth having? What details would you focus on? How does this work compare with others like it? Use evidence from your text to develop your explanations.
    • Choose a work (topic) that you feel can lead to a developed angle and scope. In addition, choose a topic/work that you can quote and cite accurately. In other words, be sure you have access to your selected work so that you can accurately quote and cite the work.


  1. Minimum 350 words
  2. Choose a work you know well, or one you are prepared to review multiple times
  3. In-text citation and source evidence required
  4. MLA8 format. In grading, I will be looking for the exact format taught in this linked lesson on the MLA8 Formatting Guide
  5. Write a thesis that contains 2 parts: topic and angle. In grading, I will look for the exact format taught in lessons on Parts of a Thesis (Links to an external site.)
  6. Follow Traditional Essay Structure (Links to an external site.)
  7. Support your thesis with evidence from your selected text (avoid personal experience or personal opinion)
  8. Works Cited and in-text Citations. Use the MLA In-Text Citations (Links to an external site.) guide and the MLA Works Cited (Links to an external site.) guide to properly cite your selected text
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