Assignment on cloud service providers (IaaS/PaaS)


 2000 words with 7 academic (harvard style) references

Cloud services from your favourite cloud services providers
The goal of this project for you is to familiarise yourself with cloud services offered by a cloud service provider of your choice and to use this collected information to put together a plan for developing and hosting a simple event registration web site on the selected provider’s cloud. 

Main topics and outcome

You must cover:

  1. Your chosen provider’s IaaS cloud services
  2. Your chosen provider’s PaaS cloud services
  3. The development of a simple web site using cloud IaaS or PaaS platform

To complete this task:

1) Research on the Internet for cloud service providers and select one service provider in which you are interested (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM’s SoftLayer, RackSpace,, or any other provider offering well-defined API to their services).

2)Describe your chosen provider in terms of the cloud services it provides. Structure your description around the three services of:

  1. IaaS (infrastructure as a service)
  2. PaaS (platform as a service)

3) Clearly define the services offered, explain the features of each service and enumerate the options available for each service and/or feature. Investigate how the major cloud properties are realized by the selected cloud platform: on-demand self-services, elasticity, accountability.

4)Imagine that you have been tasked to develop a simple web site to manage event registration. Users sign up on the web site and register for specific events maintained by the site. You decide to build your web site entirely in the cloud.

5)Using the services offered by your chosen cloud service provider, put together a project implementation plan of what services you would use from the provider and how these services would help you with your event registration web site. The plan should clearly demonstrate how the offered cloud services can be used together to implement the event registration web site. You project should demonstrate using most of cloud properties as described above. Optionally, the project should also discuss data security and applications security issues.

Deliverables for this Assignment:

  1. A report containing a description of the cloud services offered by your chosen cloud services provider.
  2. A project implementation plan that shows how you would use the cloud services offered by your provider to implement the event registration web site.
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