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Assignment – Descriptive Statistics and Graphic Data

The objective of this assignment is to analyze data in order to model a population or process and make a conclusion. Students will utilize Minitab to create descriptive statistics and describe data graphically (dotplots, histogram, stem-and-leaf, and box plots). There are three parts of this assignment: 1) describing data graphically, 2) single boxplot, and 3) comparison boxplots. To earn high scores, students will complete all three parts; note that some sections asked you to calculate by hand. Submit your assignment in Word Document as a file attachment in Discussion Board, under forum “Assignment Three- Graphic Data”, see Course Schedule for the due date. 

Note: The supplemental documents and data file in Minitab are located in Unit Two/Supplement, under folder “Minitab”.
1) To have Minitab on your computer, read the instruction for individual student licenses and
Free 30-day trial 

2) Data file in Minitab for this assignment

3) Handout on how to create Dotplot, Histogram, Stem-and-Leaf and Boxplot and examples

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